Slippery slope

This winter we have received the first snow already four times. First it snows, then it rains and in between there's freezing temperatures (sub 32F). Accordingly, the roads are almost always icy. Suck my balls -icy. I hardly recall that any winter would have been like this. Conditions like this are okay only if they occur during last weeks of March...

Running is now easier than last November. The progress since then has been pretty steady and enjoyable. I did a lactate threshold test in November and the results were worse than before but they were easy to accept. The five weeks before that test I barely ran or did any sports. I was recovering from an Ironman race. 

Since November I been running around 45-50 miles per week, but altogether with swimming and riding the weekly hours pile up to 10-13. It is not much but in our family I'm not the only one who is training for the next summer. So, the current state of affairs is just awesome. Injuries are not a problem, I am not tired and the muscles are working fine. Only thing which sucks to some degree is that my faster running paces are miserable. They make me wanna cry like wolf. But I won't. It has been worse. For instance, just in December I celebrated 1oth anniversary of the 6 hours record of aqua jogging. 

But choosing between aqua jogging and running (even at slow pace) is not difficult.

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