It has been awhile since running has felt this good

Only thing which I have change in between is that I started to run. 

Simple lessons.

On Tuesdays I have join the local "November Project" a.k.a. Juoksuliike. We ran 40 minutes steady state run, 3x10min or 5x5min with varying pace. The best thing in these Workout Tuesday is that they are suitable faster and slower runners = for everybody. They are designed to enable runners with various pacing strategies to join and just run. Fast and slow runners start and finish at the same time and that has been pretty unique even for me who has been on the road soon almost 30 years. Every week 50-70 runners group up and run the streets. How awesome is that?

Then on weekends I've ran a steady state or faster if we have had a brick workout session with triathletes. And then I have tried to include one longer run in my weekly schedule. It is not that long, usually 13 miles. It is better than zero. Everything is.

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