Shoes and thresholds

Nowadays I really like New Balance. I used to be friends with Nike (various models between 1989-2010) for many years, then I skipped to Saucony (A5 and Kinwara) and now NB's introduced Fresh Foams. They work well, and they offer a right amount of fallacy for believing that I'm fast. 

Of course the real reason for improved pace and feeling that I have been feeding asphalt for my running shoes despite their brand. The weekly amount is sad, 50-80 km, but the quality is the key. I'm not even close to my peak, but what makes me really glad is the fact that my shape improved quite a bit in 3.5 months. My threshold paces are now at the 2005 level (when I returned from 7 months periods spent with an injury and totally without running if I recall it correctly), but they are way better than what they have been lately. I consider this as a sign for better times. 

Because of couple of short periods of acute injuries I had to skip couple of races, but on Sunday I might race a 10km in a loop which used to be my morning run when I lived with my parents. My PR on that course is just below 32 minutes. I suspect that this is true also on next Monday.

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